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Andres Bustamante

My name is Andres Bustamante; I am running for Graduate Representative. I am a senior and my current G.P.A is 3.7, I will be graduating this spring continuing my education here as a grad student in the Fall 2017-2018. I emigrated from Costa Rica as a child and as an adult I became a student at San Francisco State University, I am excited to have been able to major in Latina/o Studies to better understand my own heritage and culture, it’s been empowering. I am a passionate single father that has had the opportunity to get involved in my community by serving as the Ethnic Studies Representative here at SFSU and as a parent leader at my son school, Cesar Chavez Elementary School in San Francisco.


I was elected to be the Ethnic Studies Representative and served on the Board of Directors this past school year 2016-2017. I worked hard with peers and the Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies to understand and figure out what the ethnic studies constituency needed and wanted for the college. I fully understand the position of a class or college representative and will execute it to the best of my abilities. My platform has been my prior experience as a member on Board of Directors and the work that was accomplished by the board, my candidacy will benefit the SFSU campus by advocating for tuition waivers for our GTA/GA, and my main goals is to continue increasing support for our graduate students.