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Andrea Gallegos

I am running for the position of Representative for the College of Education because I want to be the voice that allows the true feelings and ideas that these students have to be heard by the University. I feel my past and current experience has given me many tools that I will use to be successful in this position. Currently as the Director of Parent Relations of the Alpha Phi fraternity, I have experience communicating between our chapter and the parent community on news, updates, and all events happening; I plan to use these same communication skills with my fellow students. I also work as a Campus Ambassador, showing all prospective students everything great about San Francisco State University. For incoming students, we’re so quick to tell them about all the different programs here on campus, however once an active student it seems as if the light on these programs diminishes. I want to remind students of everything great our school has to offer so that they too can take advantage of these organizations and programs. The more involved students become, the more experience they will have and the better equipped they will be to make a bigger impact in the world of Education once they graduate. I am a great candidate for this position because I am dedicated, hardworking and passionate. It is my intention to use these traits I possess to continue to make the College of Education successful.