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Auggie Melendez

Hey Gators,


My name is Auggy Melendez and I’m running to be your next Vice President of Facilities & Services for Associated Students. As the current Sophomore Representative, I’ve been advocating for Black Student Success on the statewide level, and working to mobilize students to the Board of Trustees to protest against the tuition increase.


Although we’ve accomplished so much this year, there’s so much more to work towards. As College of Liberal & Creative Arts Representative, I will work to:


  • Increasing Student Representation. We need to implement the college councils throughout all six colleges, but specifically in LCA. As the most populous college on campus, this would provide the space for students, faculty, and the college administrators to identify key priorities in terms of classes, college budget, and support services for students.


  • Increasing Graduation Rates & Decreasing Class Sizes. With the looming tuition increases, we need to mobilize more than ever to protect the funding to our colleges and programs. Let’s decrease student debt by working to get students out of here in 4 years, and decreasing class sizes to make sure their experiences here are memorable.


  • Increasing Representation for Minority & Underrepresented Students. With the political climate on the local, state, and federal level — we need to fight more than ever to protect our students. That means giving us a seat at the table, we’re done asking.


We have a lot to accomplish this year, I hope to have your support for College of Liberal & Creative Arts Representative.