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Alisar Mustafa

As a Political Science Major and Middle East and Islamic Studies Minor, I want to bring my experience of struggle for social justice by connecting all students to organize under one umbrella of student resistance for social justice. If elected as a Senior Representative I would work relentlessly on transferring what I have learned in my previous years as a student of many intersectional identities to amend and create policies in order to build a more fostering and equitable educational environment.


I am very passionate about bringing social justice. I have organized fundraisers for the Syrian Refugee Crisis, a Week of Resistance against the Travel Ban in addition to being part of the Political Science Student Association where we worked to create workshops to educate students on various issues. Furthermore, my experience with interning at the City Hall Board of Supervisors for District 10 has sparked my interest in building a bridge between our community and a board that would allow them to channel their concerns and see a change happen from within.


If elected, I want to serve as chair on the Social Justice and Equity Committees. I am dedicated to uniting all student organizations to work towards more equitable experience and resist policies that work against students. I believe that education is a two way street, as much as I want to focus on educational workshops for students, I also believe if elected I would have the honor of learning from our intelligent and inspirational student body.