Art Gallery

Student-funded and student-staffed gallery dedicated to bringing visual and interdisciplinary arts to the multicultural student body at San Francisco State University.


Exhibitions feature student, faculty and professional work and advocates works of merit by all artists at any stage in their career. The gallery programs eight to ten exhibits and pop-up shows per year and hosts weekly events and monthly receptions during the Fall and Spring semesters. Three to four exhibits usually rotate per semester, and two to three occur during the summer.


The Gallery operates in alignment with the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center to provide students with opportunities, resources, arts-related events, and a range of insightful and visually captivating artworks that reflect and actively engage with the community. The Art Gallery further strives to foster cross-cultural exchange with artists and audiences and produces some of San Francisco’s most socially relevant and visually compelling exhibits. Each show is dedicated to providing insight and information about aesthetic movements, contemporary issues, and/or social justice through interactive, multi-media and other visual modes.