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Asia Island

I am running for Vice President of External Affair because I have a passion for extending our shared Social Justice values with other CSU campuses, and instilling our ethics to make a statewide impact. With my experience and privilege of being a Resident Assistant on campus for the last two year, I have been able to introduce our campuses principles into my freshmen residents through programming and conversations that excite an environment of inclusivity, social activism, and equity. Knowing that student activism and involvement has been the forefront of our campus community we have developed, I want to continue that commitment and be a voice for SF State within the CSU system and on a statewide level.


Being apart of Associated Students, I will have a platform to embark on this journey to create a more equitable, transformative, and socially just system that respects not only students education but also their wellbeing. I will continue to outreach and get the much needed shared governance between students and the people making decisions for them. We can no longer let the state make decisions without the student’s voices being heard. With your involvement and support, I want to be that voice for you. The time is now to make changes for not only ourselves but for the future of our campus and the great community leaders we will produce.