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06 Nov Best shows on Netflix to help you procrastinate

Looking for a good binge watch show as you procrastinate or good show to movie with your netflix and chill buddy? Check out our 7 top shows for 2017.


Stranger Things

1 season, 8 episodes just calls you to finish all in one night and not sleep the night before an exam. Just watch it, that’s all.


Master of None

If you’ve ever wanted to see your awkward single love life right in front of you, this show is for you. Comedian, Aziz Ansari portrays how millennials deal with new relationships and settling down. Being funny but also, honest will have you laughing thinking “this is so me, why am i like this?”


Dear White People

Dear White People is a show that isn’t scared to beat around the bushes about racial politics happening on a college campus. The amazing cast really tells a story to keep the viewer’s mind open. If you are woke, watch it. If you’re not woke, get woke and watch this show.



Narcos depicts the life of Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug dealer. Although, this is a netflix show, episodes are combined with dramatized and real footage. This show tells stories of the characters but, also an even more accurate depiction of Colombian drug trade and mass spread of cocaine from South America to the United States in 1980’s. So, basically this show is more of a history lesson than for leisure… keep telling yourself that.


The Get Down

Explore the hip-hop scene in South Bronx during the 1970’s. Even though, the pilot episode is more of a movie, just get past the pilot and enjoy the rest of the season. Director of The Great Gatsby, Baz Luhrmann gives the lavish and electric view of the time period in the Bronx. Plus, each episode has a “show stopping musical number”.


Friends from College

Wondering where you and your group of friends will be when you’re 40 years old? Friends from College might be your group…. Hopefully without the affairs and drama this show holds. But, in the show after they reunite they realize not much has changed like their excessive drinking and obnoxiousness. Get your friends together and watch your future happen before your eyes.



Based in San Francisco, Girlboss is the story of the hopeful CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso. It has been described as “…like a Teen Nick sitcom but with profanity”. The storyline is around the development of Nasty Gal and the downfall of Nasty Gal. If this sounds like your struggles in college, watch this show and see if she’ll succeed.

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