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Chloe Cambell

Hello Gators! My name is Chloe Campbell and I want you to choose me as your Senior Class Representative. I know that the key to a productive body of governance is clear and constant communication between constituents and representatives. I also know that students cannot afford another tuition raise. My main goal in governance is to fight for a low tuition to ensure that SFSU students remain students and are able to graduate without even more debt.


I am running purely to be a civil servant to the Senior Class. I promise to keep the relationship between constituents and representative alive and thriving by regularly meeting with students to receive the needs of the class and voice the concerns heard to Associated Students every week at the board meeting. I will not only be your outlet to Associated Students, but I will also deliver information to the Senior Class regarding programs and events run by Associated Students. If you vote for me, Chloe Campbell, you will be choosing a representative that does their best to ensure that you feel heard and is is attentive to the changes the Senior Class would love to see come about