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Celine Herrera

Hey Gators,


My name is Celine Herrera and I’m running to be your next Sophomore Representative for Associated Students. As the Sophomore Representative, I will work to:


  • Increasing Representation for Minority & Underrepresented Students. With the political climate on the local, state, and federal level — we need to fight more than ever to protect our students. That means giving us a seat at the table, we’re done asking.


  • Transparency & Accountability. Opportunities to get involved doesn’t end with events. We need to keep our students up to date on the REAL issues affecting them — whether that be fighting off tuition hikes or making it easier for organizations to request funding. More town halls, newsletters, short videos, and social media presence.


  • Right to Free, Safe, & Quality Education. We need to say NO to tuition hikes in May! We also need to stand up for our underrepresented students in getting them a seat at the table — we deserve better.


I understand how the ongoing political environment is impacting students and deeply affecting the status of their accessibility to education. By being elected as your sophomore representative, I will provide an approachable environment for you to express your concerns in a safe, open-minded place and that the campus of SFSU will reflect that same mindset and protect the student body.


I promise to ensure that the choices I make as a representative to make the campus a more diverse and accepting place. I hope to have your support for Sophomore Representative!