ECEC Employment



As a student government (AS) funded program, the Center employees SF State students seeking on-campus employment as classroom teacher assistants. Students work part-time, half-day shifts that best meet the Center’s desire to provide continuity of care and each student’s class schedule. Most students work either Monday/ Wednesday/Friday mornings or afternoons or Tuesday/Thursday mornings or afternoons. Students with units in child development or early childhood education receive employment priority.


Pay Rates

The number and type of child development/ECE courses you have completed determine teacher assistant pay rates. For information regarding the courses that qualify for a pay increase, please refer to the documents below.




Staffing Assignments

Staff selection is based upon seniority, program experience and classroom enrollment. Teacher Assistants with the 12 units of child development in the core courses (Child Development, Child/Family & Community and Curriculum) are encouraged to apply to work as Acting Head Teachers during the summer program.

Employment and retention is the responsibility of the Director. Teacher assistant employment is a part-time, semester-only position and continued employment will be determined by receiving a satisfactory job performance assessment, punctuality and attendance. Attendance at all regularly scheduled staff meetings, including the two days of Staff Orientation prior to the beginning of each semester, is mandatory and required for continued employment.


The Center provides internship placements for Child and Adolescent Development (CAD) students each semester. Working directly in the classroom under the supervision of a master Head Teacher, students observe and engage in children’s play, develop curriculum projects and attend staff meetings. Such hands-on experiences help students appreciate the many ways in which children learn as well as the value of planning, documentation, reflection and collaboration as teachers of young children.

Observation & Participation

The Center welcomes students who want to observe young children in a group care setting. Students make an appointment with a Program Coordinator to review their class syllabus and discuss the purpose of their observation. Some assignments may require students to actively participate in the children’s play or dialogue, however, any research, interviews, photographs or video taping of a child by a student observer must have prior written approval from parents.


We also welcome volunteers interested in working with young children. They meet with a Program Coordinator to determine suitability and scheduling prior to placement. Volunteers may be found reading to children, working on classroom projects and/or cooking with children