ECEC Enrollment


Thank you for your interest in the campus childcare services offered through the Associated Students’ Early Childhood Education Center. We enroll new families each semester from our Center Wait List, and most openings for new families occur for Fall semester enrollment.

Waitlist Application




Admission means that a child is accepted for enrollment because the parent is eligible for services and an opening is available. To be eligible for campus-based childcare services:


Student Status

You must be admitted to the University, working towards a degree and enrolled in at least 6 units (undergraduate) or 3 units (graduate). Please note that Open University and the College of Extended Learning offer access to SFSU credit and non-credit courses to adults without being admitted to the University. Therefore, if you plan to enroll in courses through one of these programs, you must contact a Program Coordinator to determine if you will be eligible for student status. As an ASI program funded in part by the California State Department of Education (CDE) and a federal contract (CCAMPIS), we are required to verify your student status and monitor your academic progress every semester. The documentation required to meet and maintain your eligibility includes:

Priority enrollment date, income verification such as two consecutive pay stubs, current IRS 1040, Financial Aid letter (Pell Grant award), agency payment voucher or self-declaration statement of income, class schedule including all changes as they occur such as dropped classes, short courses, added classes or changed sections (Also used to locate you in the event of a Center emergency), enrollment verification provided through the University’s Registrar’s Office, and grade report or transcripts to monitor academic progress.


Non-Student Status

You must be a University faculty or staff employee or Center alumni parent. Non-student parents are welcome at the Center providing their enrollment does not exceed 25% of the total Center enrollment.


Enrollment means that a child has been scheduled to attend for the current semester and that the parent has attended Parent Orientation and submitted all the necessary paperwork required by licensing. Each semester, enrollment decisions are based upon the child’s needs and the following priority: (1) available space, (2) admission status, (3) income category and (4) application date. Enrollment usually occurs for Fall semester, however, we enroll throughout the year from our Wait List if space becomes available.

Prior to the start of each semester (May and November), an Enrollment Request Form (ERF) will be mailed to all Wait List parents using the address indicated on your application. Parents complete the form and return it to the Center by the required deadline for enrollment eligibility to be determined (SFSU student, SFSU faculty/Staff, ECEC alumni or community parent).

Once the deadline has passed and all ERFs are received, the Program Coordinators begin enrolling children into one of our nine classrooms based on each child’s age and development. Once all classrooms are fully enrolled, parents are contacted by the Coordinators via e-mail to confirm their child’s enrollment schedule.

Enrollment decisions are based on parent status, household income, child’s age, Waitlist date, and space availability. Enrollment is not a first-come, first-served basis as we prioritize enrollment in each classroom, each semester using the following CSU mandated enrollment priorities:

Current enrolled parents, siblings of currently enrolled low-income undergraduate student parents, all other siblings of currently enrolled undergraduate student parents, waitlist low-income undergraduate student parents, all other Waitlist undergraduate student parents, siblings of currently enrolled graduate student parents, waitlist graduate student parents, currently enrolled ECEC alumni parents, siblings of currently enrolled faculty/staff parents, waitlist faculty/staff parents, and waitlist ECEC alumni parents.


Full-Time and Part-Time Childcare

To request full-time childcare (35 hours per week or more), you must be enrolled in at least 9 units as an undergraduate and 6 units as a graduate. For part-time childcare (under 35 hours per week), you must be taking at least 6 units if you are an undergraduate student and 3 units if you are in a graduate program. To accommodate as many student parents as possible each semester, we encourage all parents to use part-time childcare. Please note: No child is admitted for less than fifteen hours per week, and children must be at least one year of age to be considered for full-time enrollment.


Continued Enrollment

All parents are eligible to re-enroll their child each semester by completing an Enrollment Request Form (ERF). Parents request a schedule that best suits their needs, and every effort is made to accommodate each request.

Parent Orientation

After a child is admitted, the Program Coordinator provides parent orientation meetings at which time State licensing and Center forms are reviewed and completed. After the orientation meeting, the child’s Head Teacher contacts the parents for a home visit.

Home Visit & Open House

Prior to your child’s first day, your Head Teacher will call to arrange for a home visit. The meeting lasts approximately an hour and offers you the opportunity to discuss classroom routines and share information regarding your family needs with your child’s teacher in the comfort of your home. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions before childcare begins and helps your child’s teacher become acquainted with your family.

You and your family will also be invited to attend an Open House at the Center prior to your child’s first day of school. At this time you will have an opportunity to meet the families enrolled in your child’s classroom as well as all of the staff working at the Center.