Student Government Elections

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Candidacy Application

Candidate Information Meeting:

March 19, 2020 3pm – 4pm PST ZOOM: Meeting ID: 982 005 951 

March 24, 2020 3pm – 4pm PST ZOOM: Meeting ID:187 213 044

March 27, 2020 3pm – 4pm PST ZOOM: Meeting ID: 721 794 577

The Associated Students Board of Directors are student leaders on campus who serve as members of the student government at San Francisco State University. As servant leaders, Board members are given opportunities to advocate for the students of SFSU locally and statewide through political advocacy, regular meetings with campus administration, and the ability to establish programs and services that impact the student population (such as Gator Groceries, Legal Resource Center, and Queer Trans Resource Center to name a few!). Students receive inspiring leadership development and priority registration as members of the AS Board of Directors. Additionally, becoming a Board member presents opportunities for paid travel to attend conferences and lobbying trips to better represent the voice of students at SFSU. 

Questions? Please email the Elections Commissioner ( and/or the AS Leadership Development Coordinator (






The chief executive officer of AS and is responsible for providing strategic direction on student-related issues, policies, and services that affect SFSU students and is the main representative for the Associated Students Board of Directors at university functions, both on- and off-campus.

VP Internal Affairs

Responsible for the publicity and communication of AS’s programs to the student body as well as the coordination and oversight of AS’s personnel, in conjunction with management.

VP External Affairs

Responsible for serving as the primary representative for AS before the California State Students Association (CSSA), United States Student Association (USSA), boards, commissions, and other policy making groups.

VP Finance

Responsible for overseeing and monitoring AS’s budget as the treasurer of the corporation. Who shall perform such executive functions for the financial management of the AS Board of Directors.

VP Social Justice & Equity

Shall serve as a liaison between students and University Departments on matters regarding Shared Governance, transparency, and social justice.

VP Facilities & Services

Serves as the primary representative with matters concerning programming structure, student representation and student organization accessibility.

Graduate Representative

Responsible to act as a liaison for SFSU Graduate Class Students and AS.

College Representatives

Comprised of one member from each individual academic college, responsible to act as a liaison for a specific academic college.



CSU Regulations require that all Candidates and officers are to meet the standards that are set by CSU Qualifications, in addition to meeting the San Francisco State University Election Code, all campaign policies, and qualifications.

All Candidates

  • Received a minimum of a 2.5 GPA at the completion of the previous semester (Fall  semester), not cumulatively.
  • If you are an ​undergraduate ​Candidate: Is maintaining a minimum of​ 9 semester units while running for office.
  • If you are a ​graduate Candidate: Is maintaining a minimum of 6 semester units​ while running for office.
  • If you are a ​transfer student Candidate: Have completed at least one semester at SFSU prior to the election and have earned a minimum of ​9 semester units from that semester.

Executive Position Candidates

  • Have accumulated a minimum of 60 units at the completion of the semester in which they are Candidates (spring semester).
  • Graduate Representative Candidates.
  • Have accumulated a minimum of 6 units at the completion of the semester in which they are Candidates (spring semester) or must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 units per term in a graduate program.

College Representative Candidates

  • Are currently declared in a major within the college you seek to represent.

All requirements are verified by the Dean of Students Office. You will receive communication directly from them about meeting the qualifications. You will have until April 9th to correct any problems.



  • Filing Period: March 2nd – March 31st
  • Students must meet minimum qualifications
  • Complete candidacy application form by 5pm on March 31st

Form available on website or at the following link: