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A.S. Elections: Vote Your Way

Associated Students Elections are held each year during the Spring Semester. During this time, officers are elected to serve as the student government. The elections take place online, making it easy for students to vote from any computer locations. Be sure to watch the live stream of the candidate debates on Associated Students’ home page.


April 3rd, 11:00AM – 4:00PM, Jack Adams Hall: Presidents & Executives

 April 4th, 1:15PM – 3:30PM, Jack Adams Hall: College & Class Reps

Meet The Candidates

VP of Finance

VP of University Affairs

VP of Internal Affairs

VP of External Affairs

VP of Facilities & Services

Graduate Rep

Senior Rep

Junior Rep


Jake Armstrong

Sophomore Rep

Health & Social Sciences Rep

Ethnic Studies Rep

Education Rep

Liberal & Creative Arts Rep

Science & Engineering Rep