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Eric Mcclendon

My name is Eric W. McClendon, and I am running for the College of Health & Social Sciences Representative. I am a disabled transfer student pursuing my undergraduate degree in the School of Social Work. I graduated from City College of S.F. in 2016 with an AAT in Psychology, receiving Highest Honors. I truly believe that education is both a fundamental and vital basic human right that should be available and afforded to every individual, despite their race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, culture, or nationality. I believe in the little guy with the small voice, the oppressed, the minority, the underserved, and the underrepresented and sometimes discriminated student populations on our campus.


I have been involved in challenging, innovative, and strategic leadership roles and capacities in various public, private, corporate, nonprofit, and government sectors. I have managed to overcome many difficulties and barriers despite the fact that I struggle with disabilities, so I truly understand what it is like to be oppressed and at unfair disadvantage in our society today. I understand the value from the unique contributions and advantages that disabled, minority, immigrant, and LGBTQIAA students can add to our very rich and diversified population.


A goal that I will focus on, if elected, would be to continue the work of my predecessor to strengthen the voice and opportunities of the CHSS students, but effectively leading the CHSS Sub Assembly. Just a few other of my goals are: accessible and affordable, if not free, childcare on campus for all; more fairness and equal opportunities for both our immigrant and LGTBQIAA populations on campus; the installation of uni-sex bathrooms campus-wide; and more affordable tuition, fees, and textbooks for all students as a whole.