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Food Waste and Hunger in America 

The sustainability of the United States food system is being undermined by an alarming problem: While 41 million Americans experience food insecurity each year, nearly 40% of food produced in the United States goes to waste. (That’s enough to fill Giant’s Stadium to the brim with food waste 2 times every single day!) The worst part is that the majority of this food is still perfectly edible, nutritious, and delicious at the time it is fed to landfills instead of hungry mouths.



What We Can Do About It

Our Campus is part of the problem. San Francisco State University throws out anywhere between 100-400LBS of perfectly good and edible food every single day.


But we can change all of that and feed hundreds of folks in our community at the same time!

The ERC team through our Food Rescue Initiative is working hard to assure all the food our campus produces is fed to people, not landfills. We go to our campus’ dining facilities, package up their overproduced food, and deliver it to SF nonprofits before the food is wasted!

We call these Food Rescues and we carry them out every week!

The ERC team is on a mission to change the way our campus respects and relates to food, and we’re inviting as many students to join us as possible! We’ve created two ways for students to take a stand against this massive environmental and social issue.

  1. You can sign up to be part of our Food Rescue network! When we need extra hands for a Food Rescue the ERC Team will reach out to see if you can join us! (Plus, anyone who participates in a Food Rescue eats dinner with us for free!)
  2. Are you part of a student organization, club, team, or department? We also facilitate group Food Rescues! Your whole team can work together to do this important work on campus! (Plus, you’ll all get a free dinner too!)


Food Waste is a massive issue, but together, we can turn this environmental hazard into a force of community growth and  social good!



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