ERC Sol Patch Community Garden & AS Greenhouse

Do you have a passion for Gardening, Habitat Preservation, Botany, Food Literacy?

If you do, The Sol Patch Community Garden just might be your nook!


As of Spring 2018, The ERC team has begun managing both our Campus’ Sol Patch Community Garden along with the Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) greenhouse!

Our team hosts weekly gardening workshops with our partner program Health Promotions and Wellness to provide students an outlet for stress relief and opportunity to learn about the importance of local food production and preservation of biodiversity and native plant species.

And starting Fall 2018 the ERC and ECEC are rolling out an educational program to teach the children of our campus community how to grow their own healthy food via the ECEC Green House!


Are you a part of a Student Org, Club, or another Campus Group?

Sign up for SOL Patch Community Garden Beds! Every Semester the ERC is offering our 8 garden beds up for adoption to whichever campus groups want to strengthen their bonds through organic gardening. The ERC will help grow fresh, organic fruits and vegetables of your group’s choice from the seed to salad!

Or, you can join us for our Weekly Gardening Workshops

We will be meeting at the SOL Patch
(Located behind Mary Park Hall)
every other Thursday from 2 pm – 3 pm!

It’s a great chance to de-stress, meet fellow students, and learn more about the intersection of our urban and natural environments