Environmental Resource Center

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The Environmental Resource Center represents Associated Student’s commitment not only to protecting the environment and the communities therein but to reduce the ecological impact Associated Students has as an organization. Our mission is threefold:

Education: Our team understands that knowledge is a key step towards both awareness, mindfulness, and activism. The Environmental Resource Center aims to educate our student body and campus community about environmental issues, their direct intersections with social justice (aka: environmental justice), and life practices we can all adopt to live more environmentally conscious and sustainable lives.


Facilitation and Student Organization Support: As a resource center, the ERC is here to aid student organizations promote, plan, and facilitate events and projects they choose to carry out. We’re here to give proper support and provide the necessary connections to student groups that seek to have a positive environmental impact here at SFSU. As well as building relationships and connections with outside organizations that align with our goal and the the student bodies.


Projects and Initiatives: Acting on the behalf of the student body, the Environmental Resource Center will act not only to provide our campus community with information and support, but we will lead our own projects and initiatives to make Associated Student’s environmental commitments a reality! We’ll function as a student empowering force that aims to redress any environmental injustices or shortcomings on campus.