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Gabriela Carros

Hello everyone, I am a third year majoring in Latina/o Studies and double minoring in LGBTQ+ and Sexuality Studies. I am a first generation Latina and the only one in my family attending college. Originally I’m from the San Fernando Valley and I identify mainly as a brown queer cisgender woman.


Currently, I work as a Resident Assistant in the rainbow themed living community. Within my three years here, I’ve worked as a former Community Assistant and have always made it a priority to be apart of our department’s Social Justice Committee. As a former P.E.A.C.H. at SFSU, I have a background as a trained sexual health educator. My experience in peer education will benefit the SFSU campus because we learn best when we teach one another.


I want to be your Ethnic Studies Representative, because I want to serve the communities of color that have given me knowledge of self, through the exposure of my people’s history. My goals include making more one on one connections with the student leaders of Ethnic Studies and building more bridges between students and faculty. My leadership style is very much driven by collective feedback and I plan to make the passionate and beautifully intersectional voices of Ethnic Studies be heard. If elected, I will prioritize and dedicate myself to values of student activism that birthed this college in 1969.