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Gabriela Martinez

During this candidacy I will ensure to represent the Junior Class to the best of my ability at all times. I am a responsible, organized, active, and an outspoken student. I will interact with the Junior class to help them become more engaged on campus in social and cultural activities that will aid in their enrichment of their college experience. Not only will I get the Junior class more involved on our campus and enrich their experience, but also provide opportunities and connections that will help them succeed in life. I believe that college is not only about academics but involvement on campus as well. Through that, one’s college experience becomes ten times better. With my previous experience as the Associate Student Body class president for three years in high school and president, I will ensure that more juniors are aware of the current events at San Francisco State University, strive to create a memorable college experience and help create pride for our university. I have experience dealing with diverse groups and I am confident helping to communicate their concerns. By having more juniors involved in what the school has to offer, the better the overall experience we will all benefit from. I would love the opportunity to be a candidate for the Junior Representative position. By being the voice of the Junior Class, we will triumph. I would love to represent my Gators!