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Jackie Foley

Education is a fundamental human right, such a right should consist of advocacy of equality, equity, diversity and inclusivity of each student it embodies. I am a IR major & Global Peace Studies minor. I’m currently the VP of University Affairs, which has given me the opportunity to immerse myself with a closer relationship to campus culture. Education is empowering and knowledge is our greatest mechanism in resistance. We are a community that continues to challenge the social climate of our nation. My goal is that we stand together in these efforts. There’s power in mobilization, in the innate belief that we will overcome any and all adversity.


I believe in the personalization of education, to meet students where they are, combining opportunity with accessibility, as moral issue. Most importantly we must listen to their stories, stories of underrepresented, undocumented, and marginalized communities. I believe listening promotes immense growth, not only as a campus but as a community. I choose to lead with cultural understanding, empathy and compassion.


I believe in being a leader among leaders, to not merely use ones words but instead their actions making sincere, genuine and positive decisions. I believe leadership should inspire others to break down barriers, social norms and challenge the very system of oppression we find ourselves in today. A position does not make a leader, what encompasses a leader is their ability to be effective with due diligence/honesty. This is the foundation I stand upon and I hope you stand with me!