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Jordan James Harvill

Hey Gators,


My name is Jordan James Harvill and I’m running to be your next President of Associated Students. In my three years at SFSU, I have been an active member of the campus community. As a former AS Representative & Vice President, I have the experience needed to steer this organization in a direction that most benefits students. Outside of school, I’ve been active in local politics and higher education policy. Those activities have afforded me connections that have helped tremendously in fighting against the proposed tuition hikes.


As the AS President, I will work to:


  • Increasing Representation for Minority & Underrepresented Students. With the political climate on the local, state, and federal level — we need to fight more than ever to protect our students. That means giving us a seat at the table, we’re done asking.


  • Transparency & Accountability. Opportunities to get involved doesn’t end with events. We need to keep our students up to date on the REAL issues affecting them — whether that be fighting off tuition hikes or making it easier for organizations to request funding. More town halls, newsletters, short videos, and social media presence.


  • Right to Free, Safe, & Quality Education. We need to say NO to tuition hikes in May! We also need to stand up for our underrepresented students in getting them a seat at the table — we deserve better.


I hope to have your vote for AS President!