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Janet Lopez

Hey Gators,


My name is Janet Lopez and I’m running to be your next Vice President of University Affairs for Associated Students. I’m a junior majoring in Political Science and Former VP of IDEAS ((Improving Dreams, Equity, Access, & Success). For the past four years I’ve dedicated my time at SF State advocating for undocumented students on campus. Just this year, the work of our community paid off and we opened the DREAM Resource Center to provide institutional support for one of our most underrepresented communities.


As the Vice President of Internal Affairs, I will work to:


  • Fighting for Marginalized Communities. I am running to not only continue fighting for undocumented and immigrant students, but for all marginalized populations at our university who deserve to take up more space and be at the forefront of the conversation.


  • Right to Free & Safe Education. As an institution, we must actively lead the way in protecting all of our students and faculty regardless of immigration status, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Many of the struggles we face today intersect therefore we must use that to protect and love each other. I believe all students should have the right to pursue their education without fear of discrimination, stable access to shelter and food, and transparent leadership that will work in your interest.


  • Say NO to Tuition Hikes. We will not be profited off of. The CSU system will not continue to sacrifice our quality of education while accepting tuition hikes.


Thank you, and I hope to have your support for Vice President of University Affairs!