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Kimberly Beas Carranza

As a fourth year Finance student, former President of the Association of Latino Professionals for America here at SF State and current Business Rep for the Associated Students Board of Directors, I am constantly involved in the activities, issues, and events of the university. My involvement has lead me to identify issues which need to be addressed. These issues range from future tuition and university fee increases, lack of funding for student groups, inaccessibility of the resources needed for student academic and professional growth, inadequate allocation of financial budgets, to lack of administrative transparency. If I became the Vice President of Finance for Associated Students I would like improve the allocation of the budget, bring more transparency and accountability as to how financials as being spent and how they impact the campus community. I would also like to create a more sustainable financial model in which AS meets the triple bottom line standard that prioritizes the social, environmental and financial well being of those being served by the organization. I would also like to create an investments policy in which the university and associated students are not working with businesses that are not socially responsible. I strive to create an environment in which the ideas and voices of the SFSU students are being heard and where honesty, transparency, and collaboration are the norm.