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Monica Dillulo

Hey Gators,


My name is Monica Di Lullo and I’m running to be your next Vice President of Internal Affairs for Associated Students. In nearly three years at SFSU, I’ve been an active member of the campus community. As V.P of Programming for the United Greek Council, I’ve had the opportunity to serve nearly 1,500 Greek students by throwing some of the most successful events on campus.


There are so many students looking to get involved on campus, yet very few opportunities. As the Vice President of Internal Affairs, I will work to:


  • Expand nightlife on campus. Our student government is an $8 Million organization, we should expect more of them. I want our student body to choose the events we throw, vote on the concerts we host, and love to be at school.


  • Fighting for Basic Needs. Students are barely surviving. We can never expect to expand student life when students are struggling with food and housing insecurity, and rising tuition. Let’s start putting programs in place to address that.


  • Sustainable Initiatives. We need to expand programs that educates students on sustainable living, push to meet our goal of 20% Real Food by 2020, and ensure all vendors complete the Sustainability Grade, because students have a right to know where their food is coming from.