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Mary Fitzgerald

Hello Fellow Gators!


My name is Mary Fitzgerald and I am running to be your next Associated Students Vice President of Facilities and Services! I am a Sociology major who has spent much of my academic career giving back to the community and advocating equal treatment and services for underrepresented populations in the educational system. As a current Civic Engagement Fellow with SFSU’s Institute for Civic & Community Engagement, a Fall 2016 Project Connect Intern, former President of City College of San Francisco’s Student-Parent United Club, and former Finance Officer on City College of San Francisco’s Associated Students Inter-Club Council, I am confident in my passion and ability to serve as your next V.P. of Facilities and Services.


I am a student who entered the higher education system with little guidance and support and I understand the importance not only of quality education, but of the supportive resources and environment that make education accessible and possible for all. My goal as V.P. of Facilities and Services is to advocate for the opportunities, services, environment, and tools you need not only to succeed in your educational goals at SFSU, but excel in them and thrive holistically.


I want to make contributions to our school that will benefit, include, and consider us all. Once elected, I vow to provide you with accessibility and transparency, and assist in your participation in current and upcoming events and issues that affect our campus and University Corporation Affairs.