Potentially, this upcoming Summer of 2020, the SF State Parking Department will be forced to implement a 25% city tax on top of the current rates. The new tax would affect all those who utilize campus parking. The daily rate of parking is currently $8.00 and with the implementation of the new tax, it will be $10.00 a day. Current semesterly parking passes for five days a week will increase from $684.00 to $800.00 with the new tax implementation.

The City of San Francisco already receives $180.00 semesterly from each SF State student for public transportation, regardless whether or not a student uses it. Associated Students believe the 25% tax increase for parking fees would add to the financial burden that many SF State students already carry while attending school in one of the most expensive cities in our country.

Therefore, Associated Students stands in opposition to the implementation of this tax and is grateful for the Office of the Mayor hearing the stories of our students.

Sign this petition for the City and County of SF to NOT implement a 25% parking structure tax on SF State students.