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Interns in the recruitment department will learn outreach skills and how to navigate the bureaucracy within the public school system. Interns will serve as mentors, role models and tour guides to students visiting our campus. Interns in this department will help with the following events and programs:High Schools Outreach, Middle Schools Outreach, Elementary Schools Outreach, Community College Outreach, “Yes You Can” Student Panels, and College Interviews & Campus Tours.

Project Connect Outreach Department exists to empower the student body in promoting access to and awareness of higher education or low-income and underrepresented elementary through community college students. We provide free college awareness days for partnering elementary, middle, high school and community college students and their parents as well as provide other outreach services to schools during the year.

  1. We promote & support access to any institution of higher education. We do not limit our efforts to recruit for SF State University.
  2. We strive to help students be successful in school while at the same time fostering college awareness.


The Early College Outreach Program exists to begin early awareness of higher education for students in historically underrepresented communities in San Francisco. The program targets youth at an early stage in their academic career and is essential for educational development. This program consists of two annual events:

1. Early College Outreach Day (March) for Elementary School Students

2. Higher Learning Day (April) for Middle School Students


In collaboration with various SFSU programs, teachers, parents and community partners, students are invited to SFSU to participate in these annual events each spring semester.

Events consist of a series of age-appropriate and interactive workshops designed for the students, activities and lunch. The workshops for elementary students have a focus on self exploration and expression through arts and crafts and for middle school students an academic focus. Prior to attending the program, SFSU students visit the school sites and facilitate workshops where students fill out a mock college application and also receive an acceptance letter.


The purpose of this program is to motivate and support students in pursuing and completing a higher education. The outreach program brings awareness to the fact that low-income and students of color are underrepresented in college and that in order to have equitable access to higher education, students need equitable support in K-14 education. This program also consists of two annual events:

1. Connect to College Conference for Bay Area High School Students

2. College Transfer Day for Bay Area Community College


Students Students in partnering schools from around the SF Bay Area are invited to come to SFSU and explore the university and campus life and have the opportunity to network with faculty, students and staff.

These events take place in the fall semester and consist of academic, cultural and career oriented workshops. The office of Financial Aid, Student Outreach Services, EOP and faculty and students facilitate the workshops. Outreach mentors present testimonials at student panel presentations, student life workshops and campus tours. AS Project Connect provides lunch and entertainment for both events. Overall, this program strives to connect high school and community college students with SFSU.


1. Mentoring and tutoring of students by trained Project Connect interns – specific sites only.

2. Culturally relevant campus tours for schools.

3. Shadow Days—“shadowing” of current SFSU students during a regular school day.

4. Connecting schools with other SFSU & community resources.

5. 30 ASI scholarships available to future SFSU students (HS seniors or transfer students).

6. Motivational and informational presentations by SFSU students.

7. SFSU Campus visits are sponsored by ASPC for 2hrs periods – includes: “You can do it” student panel and Campus Tours.