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The Retention Departments’ programming is focused on the college success and graduation opportunities for students who are first-generation to go to college.


The mission of the department is to connect SFSU students to academic, professional development, and networking opportunities at SF State. The “Connect and Create Workshop Series” provides a platform to invite speakers from the university and the community who will share information and resources that support students’ academic and college experiences.

Interns in the Retention department will become familiar with retention services and resources available on campus such us financial aid, advising and tutoring services, university graduation requirements and general information about SFSU. Interns in this department will help with the following events and programs: Information Fair/Festival, Mixers, Peer Mentorship Program, Resource Center, Book Loan Program, Referral Program, and AS Scholarships & Awards Ceremony.

The purpose of the fair is to provide opportunities for students to connect with programs and services available on campus. It serves as a Welcoming Day for new and returning students. It offers the opportunity to connect directly with University programs, AS programs and student organizations. Students are encouraged to enter our Connect 4 Drawing by connecting with all participating groups in the Information Fair. This event is an avenue to promote the Book Loan Service among new incoming students and also to recruit new interns for the semester. AS Project Connect provides entertainment and makes proper tabling reservations for all entities that choose to join the Information Fair. This is an annual outdoor event scheduled for the fall semester and followed up by student mixers and Open House.

This annual event is for students to find out what AS Project Connect is all about. It also allows the opportunity to find out more about the up and coming events and the application process for the scholarships, book loan and internship programs. Student mentors have the opportunity to interact with the campus and introduce themselves. The Advisory Council and AS Board of Directors play a role in this event as hosts and facilitators. Our first open house event, in spring 2006 served as an inauguration and a celebration of the unity of the AS Board of Directors, SCGB, student organizations, university programs and community members that work with center’s staff.

The purpose of a mixer is to give students an opportunity to network with peer mentors, university faculty and supporting programs staff in a social setting. The goal is to implement and foster a strong academic network at SFSU. There is a social aspect of the mixer which provides a space for students to relax and interact with each other. The University faculty and staff are encouraged to attend, as well as student groups and class groups. Project Connect provides food, drinks, and entertainment for this event. This indoor event serves as a follow up to the Informational Fair scheduled in the fall semester. This event also features a Connect 4 Drawing which provides $350 for books as first prize.