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Ricardo Ceja

My name is Ricardo Ceja; I am currently running for the ASI Presidency for the term of 2017-2018. I am currently in my fourth year, double majoring in Mathematics and Latina/o studies with a minor in Education. As a first generation Latino, I have always had the ambition to break statistics and push the barriers for underrepresented minorities. During my time at SF State, I have witnessed issues like increases in tuition, overcrowding of classrooms, food insecurity, student homelessness, and student voices not being heard. If I were to get elected for the ASI Presidency, I promise to strategically combat these issues along with any other issues that disadvantage the student body while concurrently providing transparency to the student community. I believe this will be the key to making changes on campus. In order to make my promises possible, I would propose to have biweekly open forums; were students’ input could be taken into consideration and later brought up in secondary meetings with the SFSU President or other key administrators. Secondly, during University Budget Advisory, I would question how money could be implemented for new programs to aid students with food insecurity and homelessness. Lastly, I plan to encourage the elected board to read about key moments that had major impacts in shaping ASI as it is today and focus on how we can use the outcomes for future planning. If I, Ricardo Ceja, were to be elected for the ASI Presidency, I promise to give it my all.