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25 Oct Resources AS provides through #DACA crisis

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals also known as DACA, is a “kind of administrative relief from deportation” [1]. This program protects eligible immigrant youths from deportation who arrived the United States at a young age. Through DACA they are provided with protection from deportation and a work permit but, does need to be renewed after two years.

As of September 5th, 2017, President Trump called an end to DACA. Reported in early March, nearly 800,000 illegal young adults qualified and used the resources DACA provided. The resources gave students the opportunity to attend school without stress of being taken out of class one day and not knowing if they would ever return.

AS recognizes the stress and anxiety that can be happening within some students and want to provide resources that are offered on campus to get through this time:

  • The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center: This program offers a safe space to support other cultures to speak up. They have events like discussions on inspirational leaders and commemorative months. The center will allow students to feel comfortable with their campus and know they are being supported with people who surround them possibly going through similar situations

  • SF State Psychology Training Clinic: Located in Ethnic Studies on campus, SF State offers low fee clinical psychology appointments. They provide services from Graduate students to are supervised by clinical officials. Their services provide help with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and anything that could be bothering a student.

  • Student Affairs and Enrollment Management: Their goal is to promote social justice and transform communities. This is where you would want to go to have your voice be heard and see if you can contribute in anyway on campus to get your opinion known to the community.


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