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Rodrigo Polidano

To my fellow classmates of San Francisco State University, my name is Rodrigo Polidano, and I will be running for the position of Associated Students Science and Engineering Representative. It has been and continues to be my interest to serve the student community. My experience includes serving as president of the University Park North Hall Government where a group of students and I collaborate as a team to throw programs for the community of on-campus students at San Francisco State University. Now, I wish to expand this passion of mine into the rest of the campus by representing the rest of our students. As representative of the Science and Engineering College, I would devote my time to expanding programs on campus by offering more academic services, career workshops, and informational sessions for current and future students. Providing these services will better prepare students to excel in their endeavors beyond San Francisco State University. If elected, I will also increase communication between the administration and students by acting as a liaison in order to better the lives of our students. I would aspire to increase student participation in research and internship opportunities to better prepare our community to succeed in the work field and graduate coursework. It would be a privilege and an honor to represent this diverse student body as the Associated Students Science and Engineering Representative.