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What is Associated Students?

Associated Students (AS), the student government at San Francisco State University, serves as the official voice of students. AS promotes an enriched co-curricular student life experience and is dedicated to the empowerment of SF State’s diverse student body through a commitment to social justice and shared governance. AS provides and supports services and programs, maintains fiduciary responsibility, and engages in campus-wide collaborations and external advocacy efforts.

Board of Directors

Students have the opportunity to vote or be elected into the Associated Students Board of Directors. In doing so, candidates experience many influential events such as the campaign process to having the chance to use their ideas to provide for the students here at SF State.

2016 – 2017 Board of Directors

Shannon Deloso


Jordan Thomas

VP Internal Affairs

Michael Overby

VP Finance

Celia Lobuono Gonzalez

VP External Affairs

Jacqueline Foley

VP University Affairs

Richard Schwanbeck

VP Facilities & Services

Alison Sexson

Chief Justice

Steven Gomez

Graduate Rep.

Alexandra Velasquez

Senior Rep.

Maria Jose Nunez Wong

Junior Rep.

Mia Veal

Sophomore Rep.

Kimberly Beas Carranza

Business Rep.

Andres Bustamante

Ethnic Studies Rep.

Nicole Hernandez

HSS Rep.

Corelise Specht

LCA Rep.

Christian Rivera Nolan

Science & Engineering Rep.

Kyra Heck

Student Health Advisory Committee

Sina Riahi

Residential Hall Association Rep

Nathan Jones

Campus Recreation Rep

Emmanuel Serrano

Athletics Representative

We’re here to represent you.

Associated Students Elections are held each year during the Spring Semester. During this time, officers are elected to serve as the student government. These positions include President and Vice President, representatives of each college, and representatives of every class. The elections takes place online, making it easy for students to vote from any computer location.

Run for Office


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to drop by our office, give us a call, or send us an email.


Lower Conference Level of the
Cesar Chavez Student Center


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