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13 Nov The Intense Search for an Internship

So, looks like it might be around that time of college where it’s hitting you that you may have little to no experience in the career you want to get into once you graduate. This may lead you to getting stressed wondering if you’ve spent your time at SF State in a major that you might not enjoy for a career. Well, one way to get over this anxiety of what the rest of your life may look like is to take on an internship and gain some experience and see if that field is right for you! Here’s some tips and places to check out on your search for an internship:


Places to search:


If you’re not registered yet, sign up and explore the options offered. Companies directly work with San Francisco State to post their openings. These companies are looking for college students to gain experience and grow with their companies. You are able to narrow down what you are looking for based off key words and commitment needed like full time or part time.



A reliable source to finding internships is Indeed. They offer many options of filtering and narrowing down your options. Starting off you are able to use keywords like “paid-internship” and the city you are looking for the internship in. From there you can filter on conditions from company to experience level.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin

Not only is LinkedIn great for opportunities to network on a social media platform but, it also offers resources to companies seeking interns. An additional feature is being able to explore the internships and directly have your resume and profile linked to your application when applying through the site.  


The bulletin boards in the halls of buildings on campus:

When you are walking the halls and you see countless papers overwhelming the bulletin board, take a moment and see what the papers are offering. Sometimes it can be just be tutoring for a subject or roommate searching, but other times there are company posting of a possible internship. Most of these times the companies posting these flyers are by known brands that are attractive to college students.


During your search for the internship that fits what your expectations are, take some time to do some more research. Doing so will help you decide if you want to continue with the application process. Step back and think, do I relate to this company’s morals? Do I see myself learning more about what I may want to do with my future through this position?
Good luck on your search, Gators!

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