*Includes universal MUNI fares and at least 25% off BART rides to and from Daly City

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Do you support the implementation of a mandatory student fee of $180 per semester for the fall and spring terms, commencing in the Fall of 2017, which would provide all students with a transit pass (“Gator Pass”), which will include a Muni pass (unlimited Muni rides on light rail and bus) and a BART discount of at least 25% on all rides traveling to and from Daly City Station? It is anticipated that the fee will increase by $5 annually (i.e., Fall 2018: $185; Fall 2019: $190) to account for Muni and BART fare increases, which will be subject to review by a team of SF State students and administrators who will regularly evaluate the program’s efficacy and determine appropriate cost escalation, if any, and whether the discount for BART may be modified. The BART discount would remain at least 25% for students every year. Any university review resulting in a proposed modification to the program will result in a recommendation to the Student Fee Advisory Committee for approval through an alternative consultation process. Should the program enter into a deficit in any given semester, the university may elect to discontinue the program; in any such instance, no fee will be collected.


A “yes” vote means that you support the implementation of a mandatory student fee of $180 per semester for the fall and spring terms, commencing in the Fall of 2017, which would provide all students with a transit pass “Gator Pass”, which will include a Muni pass (unlimited Muni rides on light rail and bus) and a BART discount of at least 25% on all rides to and from Daly City Station. It is anticipated that the fee will increase by $5 annually to account for Muni and BART fare increases, which will be subject to review by a team of SF State students and administrators who will regularly evaluate the program’s efficacy and determine appropriate cost escalation, if any, and whether the discount for BART may be modified. The BART discount would remain at least 25% for students every year.
A “no” vote means that you do not support the implementation of a mandatory student fee which would provide for the transit pass “Gator Pass”.


As part of tuition fees, all students pay $180 each semester for a “Gator Pass”—a discounted transit pass incorporated into each student’s OneCard.  The transit features of your OneCard are provided through Clipper–your OneCard is also a Clipper Card.  Clipper is the all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. It can hold transit passes, such as the Gator Pass, cash value, BART parking value or any combination thereof.

The Gator Pass affords students a 25% discount on all BART rides to and from Daly City BART Station, as well as unlimited rides on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA)’s MUNI, with the exception of cable cars.

You will have access to a Gator Pass in any fall and spring semester in which you are enrolled as a student.  Your Gator Pass will be in effect on all days (weekdays, weekends and holidays) occurring during the course of a semester. The Gator Pass is not available over the summer terms or during the January intersession term. Commencing Fall 2017, your discount is activated on the first day of each fall and spring semester if you have paid your tuition fees and signed the agreement at Your discount will be valid until the last day of the semester. The Gator Pass is only valid during the fall and spring semesters for students enrolled during those semesters. You can view the academic calendar at:

You can learn more about the Clipper Card at You can also use this website to register your Clipper Card, set up automatic load features, etc.

No. High value BART tickets, which provide a discount when purchased, are not compatible with the Gator Pass BART discount. You may load high value tickets onto your Gator Pass Clipper Card, but these funds cannot be used along with the 25% discount.  Instead, these funds would be used for non-discounted travel (e.g., trips taken on BART that do not begin or end at the Daly City Station, trips taken at times other than during the fall or spring semesters, etc.).

Your OneCard is your student ID. Use it for access to university services such as the library, residence halls, the Mashouf Wellness Center and for Gator Dollars. You will need to swipe your card at readers for various services.

Yes. Your Gator Pass can be used as a regular Clipper card. You can register it at, and you can add value or buy transit passes and use it everywhere where Clipper cards are accepted. Besides this you are having unlimited rides on Muni (similar to the ‘M’ Monthly Muni Pass, but excluding cable cars) and 25% discount for your rides on BART to and from Daly City Station during the whole semester.

Students are encouraged to register their cards with Clipper by visiting . Registering your card protects your balance should you lose your card and need to replace it. It also lets you access your transaction history, set up automated loading of additional funds, and choose to receive important Clipper updates.

BART riders seeking benefit from the 25% discount must add Clipper cash value to their ClipperCard to avail themselves of the discount.  If you already have a ClipperCard, and you wish to transfer your current Clipper balance to your OneCard/Gator Pass you may do so by calling the Clipper Customer Service Center at 877.878.8883. The additional fee paid to Clipper may be withdrawn for balance transfer. We advise you to use your balance making rides with your previous Clipper Card before switching to use the new Gator Pass.

No.  Your OneCard/ Gator Pass is not transferrable; only you may use it. If someone else uses your card, it may be confiscated and you may be excluded from participating in the Gator Pass program. You may also be required to participate in the disciplinary process under Executive Order 1098, the university’s Student Code of Conduct procedures, which are available for review at .You may also face fines or other penalties for violating City and/or State codes or ordinances, such as the San Francisco Transportation Code, which, among other things, sets out fines for fare evasion or ineligible use of a transit pass.

No. Employees taking classes at SFSU through a fee waiver program are not eligible, and do not pay the associated fee.

It depends when you withdraw.  If you withdraw from the university before completion of 40% of the semester you will receive a prorated refund based on the universities proration calendar. Thereafter, there will be no refund.

You can keep your Gator Pass card.  While you access to OneCard system on campus and your Muni and Bart discount programs will be deactivated the card can still be used like any regular Clipper card. Your discount will cease when you are no longer a student.

The Gator Pass has real value as a transit card and as a campus OneCard, so please take care of it and keep it safe and secure.  If the card is lost or stolen please let the One-Card Office know immediately.  The office is located at Student Services center on the ground floor or by phone 415.338.3619.  The OneCard office will help you disable the card and issue you a new card and provide you with instructions on how to put the Clipper card features on hold and how to transfer any pass or cash balances to a new card. If you had registered your Clipper Card with Clipper, you must also contact Clippper and report your card lost or stolen.  You will then be able to transfer any value on your card to your new card once it is assigned.

You may keep it.  Just be sure not to carry both cards in the same wallet or case so that you aren’t double charged by Bart or Muni.  Or, if you prefer, you can transfer any value from your existing card to your clipper card via the Clipper website.

If you already have the old style OneCard its features and any balances you have will be transferred to the new Gator Pass.  The old style OneCard will remain active until the end of the summer session at which time it will be deactivated.

If you are customer of US Bank and already have Maxx Card as your student pass for university services you can continue to use it.  You will also be provided with a Gator Pass card so that you can use the transit discounts.

If you decide to get a Maxx Card through the University’s partnership with US Bank, please visit the OneCard office.  You can use the new card as outlined above.

The Gator Pass fee is similar to other mandatory fees at the university: it is considered a cost of attendance and it is not a user fee.  Its assessment is not dependent on any one student’s use of fee-subsidized services and programs, but rather it is assessed based on an understanding that the related service enrich the student life and experience, help the university to provide additional services to the students, and generally create an environment conducive to the university’s pursuit of its mission. Therefore, while not every student will use the Gator Pass transit features, it is to the university community’s collective benefit to avail all the members of the student body with the opportunity to do so.

Yes, you must tag your Gator Pass on a card reader on a Muni vehicle or at a station fare gate every time you board. Your tag is your proof of payment.

Yes. The pass will work for the entire semester, including weekends and days when class may not be in session.

The discounted fares on Muni and Bart are only available during the fall and spring semesters.  The Gator Pass will continue to function as a regular Clipper card between semesters.  If you have registered your card at then you can add value or purchase transit passes in between semesters.

When riding Muni, you must tap your OneCard/ Gator Pass on a transponder when entering a station or boarding a vehicle. Failure to do so is a failure to pay, and may result in a fine. Find the Clipper card reader on the bus or at fare gates in stations or ferry terminals. Hold your card flat against the reader until you hear a beep and see a green light, or the fare gate displays “OK.”

When riding BART, tap your OneCard/ Gator Pass on a fare gate when entering and exiting a BART station. The 25% fare discount will be applied for all rides to and from Daly City Station during the semester. You may use your OneCard/ Gator Pass for any BART travel, but the discount will only be applied for travel to and from Daly City Station.

The OneCard Office located on the ground floor of the Student Services Center will be glad to assist you with your card. In addition, you can visit the OneCard website at for more information. Please do not forget that Gator Pass is the Clipper Card also.  Please visit for more information about the Clipper card.



The “Gator Pass” will benefit me greatly. As a student of SF State, I personally take the M (Muni) everyday to school. As a student from the East Bay, when I commuted to campus I would spend about $250/month on public transit. I have many friends who take less units on campus, so they can lower their transit expenses.

The “Gator Pass” will make my morning travels to school 10x easier and more affordable! I am glad that we are being offered student transit passes like the other universities in the surrounding area as we live in the most expensive city in the country. Even better, we would get unlimited access to Muni as well as a BART discount on all travel to and from Daly City Station unlike any other university.

I think using public transportation is a great way for our campus to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. By having the Gator Pass I can easily save gas money that I would usually spend on my morning commute, while also decreasing my carbon gas emission production. The Gator Pass is not only essential to campus affordability, but is essential to ensuring that the SF State environment has clean air with less toxic emissions being released.

Now I can just take BART from Oakland and the free shuttle to campus! Most of my monthly income goes towards filling up my Clipper Card, it will be so much cheaper to pay a discounted monthly BART fare instead!

Students largely have wanted and advocated for a discounted transit pass for the last five years due to rising costs. Although you may not personally benefit from it, it will benefit a large amount of students on campus as 70% of students on the campus use Muni and/or BART on a regular basis. Like every student fee, and on a larger scale social welfare programs, people pay to help the greater community at large. We have the opportunity to make a difference on our campus, we have the opportunity to help fellow students.


I live near campus so commuting isn’t an issue for me. I do take the bus into the city occasionally, but when I go out with my friends we usually split an Uber or a Lyft. I see the benefit of having transit pass, but realistically it will not benefit me and I think it isn’t fair to raise my fees for a service I do not want and seldom use.
Fees are high enough as it is and I know there are other proposed fees that will make them even higher. If the intent is to help students and make college more affordable it doesn’t help me.


This “Gator Pass” will not benefit me. I don’t take Muni or the BART since I drive my own car. Why should I pay $180 a semester for something I won’t be using?

At first I thought this was a good idea, but I think it is unfair to students who don’t use the bus or drive to school to be paying an extra $180 a semester. It just doesn’t seem fair to me and I take the bus very frequently, so I would still like the discount but not at the expense of other students who may not use the bus passes.

If this is to be implemented, it should be only for those who choose to purchase it, not a mandatory fee for all.

I use the Muni Lifeline program (Muni-only monthly pass for qualified customers on a limited income) and already receive a discount on my Muni pass. I would end up paying even more for the monthly pass than I do now.

I don't take Muni and BART while commuting. I take the shuttle and SamTrans so why should I pay extra for tuition (from my pocket) that only benefits other students. If this fee passes, I will still have to pay my SamTrans transit costs while also having to pay an additional $180 per semester.


The transit pass will do more for students then just provide affordable and convenient public transportation. The transit pass is a step towards a more sustainable future for SF State and will set an example for all institutions of higher education. Even though not everyone will use the transit pass, everyone will benefit from it. If we can shift commuting patterns to SF State it will help those that commute by car because it will ease traffic, provide more parking opportunity, and raise the quality of life for all students.
The Transit Pass will also increase the esteem of the university which will increase the value of San Francisco State University Diploma. Other universities have local partnerships with Public transportation, but this transit pass is the first of its kind because BART has never made an agreement with any other institution. Even though someone is a Psychology student, part of their fees still go to funding multiple other courses and having the opportunity to learn other necessary disciplines and having other successful programs benefit both.
This will also help some of the students who are most in need of support. Those who have to commute to campus in an effort to save money or those who can not afford to come to campus on a regular basis are at a disadvantage or maybe denied access. If you live further away this will benefit you because they spend the most on their daily commute. It will benefit students who live in the area, because they can use any time to get around the city. It will benefit everyone, because it will make SF State a better place.

Working with transportation experts, we’ve developed the SF State Gator Pass Fare Calculator tool to help you estimate your monthly transit costs and savings, should the Gator Pass be implemented. Open the Excel spreadsheet at the link below, answer a couple questions about your transit usage, and the tool will automatically calculate your estimated monthly transit costs and savings with the Gator pass.


Remember that access to Muni light rail and buses will be unlimited—it need not be only for traveling to and from SF State. So, if you ride BART to get to and from SF State, but take Muni occasionally, like on weekends, don’t forget to account for that in the calculator. And your BART discount will be in effect for any rides to and from Daly City Station.


Currently drive and thinking about switching to transit? This fare calculator also helps you compare current driving costs and potential savings by switching to transit with the Gator Pass!
For any questions, please email If the numbers do not automatically update, try changing your Excel options.

(To view Excel files, you may download Excel Viewer)