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23 Oct Types of People You Will Find At Dolores Park

The Hippie

Flower crowns, barefoot, “do you” kind of person. A free-spirt just wanting to soak up the sun.


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The Tourist

This type of person can easily be spotted amongst the large crowd of people. They will most likely have shorts on when it’s 60 degrees on and foggy, a map in hand and a shocked face from people watching. These people are not used to so much culture in such a small perimeter. You will also go on Instagram later to see that they also has tagged #dolorespark on their picture of the skyline with a caption “Loving San Fran” or something just as cringy.


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The weird, everything you can think of vendors

A truffle man, the fresh coconut man, a COLD pizza man and probably some young entrepreneurs trying to make a couple of bucks off some fresh lemonade. Pre-Warning: EVERYTHING WILL BE OVER PRICED. Don’t be surprised even if the kids hustle you out of a $2 cup of lemonade that has three sips in it.


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The very interesting but very mesmerizing talented people doing activites

Slacklining to tandem yoga, you will be sitting at the top of Dolores park wondering if you’re at a public park or a circus. Who knows, but you won’t be disappointed.


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The “Where are your parents” kids

There are literally 50 kids playing on the playground … yet only 5 parents watching from the side.


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The fitness junkie

What a better place to sweat and be out of breath than an open park next to a family having their son’s third birthday party. But, seriously you will see so many people working out at Dolores. tennis and basketball courts tend to attract people of all ages to hang out and workout.


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This is the girl who goes to Dolores with her friends to hang out but it quickly turns into the hunt on which dog she can touch and put on her Snapchat. It could be that they have never touched a dog in their life, but the world may never know.


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