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05 Oct 15 things to do in Between Classes

Have you ever walked out of class feeling accomplished because you’re finally out which means FREEDOM!! … But then you are reminded that nope! you actually have another class in a couple of hours. And after crying a little inside you wonder what in the the world am I going to do to waste time until class starts again? Well, lucky you! Here is 15 things you can do between classes to make those long gaps pass a little quicker!

1. Power nap at Rigoberta Menchu Hall located at the Cesar Chavez Student Center


That’s right! its legal to nap in college. With midterm season almost over most of us if not all most likely are feeling a little dead. If so, stop by the comfiest place known to campus located at the terrace level of the Cesar Chavez Center.

2. Finish Assignments or Homework at the Library

Why not take advantage of this free time, and stop by the library and knock out some of that work we have been dreading to do.

3.  Chill at the Lawn while reading 19th Ave

Ok, so I know that with Karl the fog at times its hard to sit on lawn and enjoy the weather, but from time to time we do get those little rays of sunshine that makes perfect weather for us to sit on the lawn and enjoy a good blog post from 19th Ave!

4. Catch a FREE movie on campus

Every Monday, Associated Students’ Programs and Services shows a free movie on top of the Cesar Chavez Center Student Center, why not catch a FREE movie and a good view of the campus.

5. Apply to the many job opportunities AS has to offer!


Want to get involved on campus and get a little extra money? Come check out all the job opportunities AS has to offer!

6. Watch Netflix @ The Dream Tree

Heard about the Dream Tree, why not go catch up on your favorite shows while being surrounded by the branches of the Dream Tree. Located by the Gym.

7. Visit the AS Farmers’s Market


Every Thursday go check out the Farmer’s Market in front of theHumanities Building, who doesn’t love fresh fruit and goodies of a Farmer’s Market.

8. Join a student organization


San Francisco State University has many great student organizations that offer great opportunity to be involved on campus.

9. Join an intramural sports team

Want to stay active on campus? Intramural sports offers the great opportunity for students to get together with friends and create your own sports team.

10. Attend Associated Students’ awesome events and workshops

Associated Students has 13 programs that offer many workshops, events, resources and services for all students! So if you have free time why not stop by and see what your official student government has to offer.

11. Have a drink @ The Pub

What better way to let off some of the steam of school than to have a drink at the campus pub located @ the lower conference level of the Cesar Chavez Center Student Center.

12. Visit the Arcade and Billiard


If grabbing a drink isn’t your thing, check out the arcade! It’s a really good way to distress and meet new people!

13. Spend the remaining of your financial  aid @ Stonestown Mall

Lets be honest, by now most of us get the shakes when we think about our bank account, but for those of you that can afford a nice trip to the mall why not check out Stonestown mall that’s less than 10 mins away from campus!

14. Grab a bite to eat @ Cesar Chavez Student Center

Hungry and with a lot of time to, waste why not stop by and get a bite to eat at the many locations the Cesar Chavez Center has to offer!

15. Visit Your Professor’s Office Hours

I know it’s your break from class, but why not use your free time to meet your professor and get the extra help you might need.


If you have any suggestion or advice on things to do between classes comment below !

Till next time gators!



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