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04 May Graduation Gifts on a College Budget

The big day is right around for our future graduates! For those of you who have friends that are graduating, you gotta get them something good for their big day! Don’t worry, your friends will not be expecting a big check of any of you – we all know what it feels like to live on a tight college paycheck. Here are a few friendly tips for what to get your graduating BFF on a college budget!

Photo Collage

Try using Walgreens or Costco for cheap DIY photo ideas

  • Travel Mug: Post-grads will most likely be drinking more coffee than they ever have before – a travel mug covered in photos with you and your BFF will be the best thing to look at during their first shift at work.
  • Desk Calendar: Do they have a fresh new office desk to decorate? You can also make a desk calendar filled with photos! When your BFF is slowly waiting for 5pm to roll around, they can look over and see your smiling face on their desk!

Alumni Gear:

There are a few inexpensive alumni gifts that you can get from the bookstore like a mug or a license plate! These are awesome SFSU gifts from the bookstore that won’t break your bank.

Graduation Memory Board:

Take all of your fave pictures and keepsakes from your favorite experiences with your bestie and pin them to a cork board! This is the perfect gift to reflect on your fun attempts to survive college together.

Emergency $20:

The most terrifying part about the post-grad life is being able to maintain a solid income. As college students and soon to be graduates, we all know what it feels like to make $10 last a lifetime. Just incase, make your a friend an Emergency $20 frame! When they really need it, they can break the glass!

A Signed Frame:

Gift your friend a picture frame filled with best of luck wishes signed by all of their family and friends. It will mean the world to see all of the loving messages from the people who mean most to them!

We’re sure your graduating BFF will love whatever you gift them for their big day! We hope these tips help you find a gift without breaking your bank!

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