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10 Feb Welcome to 19th Ave!

Hey Gators! We are happy to welcome you to 19th Ave, your Associated Students blog!

19th Ave is the perfect place for you and your fellow gators to find friendly tips, cheap weekend ideas, and read funny articles to help you get through those long 3-hour classes you unfortunately decided to take. Be on the lookout, we’ll be posting every Friday to end your week on a good note!

To start off this blog with a bang, let’s talk about

The 5 People You’ll Meet on Valentine’s Day:

1. The Clingy Ex


Unfortunately, we’ve all got that ex that just-won’t-let-go. This is the time of the year to put your phone on Do Not Disturb to avoid texts from your clingy ex.

2. The Hater


The ones who’ve been watching couples make out all day and just can’t take it anymore. They also don’t think Valentine’s Day is a real holiday. But you’ll definitely see them in the Valentine’s Day clearance candy aisle on February 15th.

3. The Sappy Couple


These first timers will definitely be dragging around a life size teddy bear and over a dozen fake roses so their love never dies.

4. The Tinder Type


There’s nothing wrong with Tinder. These are the guys or gals that are swiping right in fear of being alone on this special day. Just because they have kind eyes, doesn’t make up for their selfie at a Nickelback concert.

5. The Special One

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With all jokes aside…today is the day to spend time with the ones you love, whether that be your significant other, family, friends, or pet. Whoever this special person is, make them a V-Day card at QTRC’s Card Making event on February 11th.

We hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

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