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12 Dec What’s on My Phone?: Student Edition

Alright, so we all know how distracting our phones can be, especially during finals season and as much as we try to avoid it it’s nearly impossible. So why not find a way to use our phones to make or life easier during finals.


1) Cash App


Cash app is a life saver when it comes to transferring money during finals! We all know that during finals we designate a person a day to be the one to get the whole group food or coffee during to late nights at the library and thought this is a good system the part that gets messy is either requesting the money or having no cash to pay the person back. Well, cash app takes that stress off your shoulder because with a click of a button you can transfer money straight to your friend’s account!




Now we know that Uber is one of the most popular apps here on campus, but if you still haven’t given it a try here is how this app is a must during this finals season! We all know those late nights can really mess up our sleeping schedule and at times when we wake up late finding parking or waiting and extra 30 minutes for the next muni is not exactly ideal when you are already late so what better than to get a car at your front door and avoid the struggle of public transportation or muni for way less money than your regular taxi!

3) EasyBib


It’s that time again, yup, the piles of essays are coming! But how can easy bib save you from this traumatic period of your life? Well, this free app cites your sources for you. Did I mention it’s FREE! that right no more stressing about the infamous works cited page.

4) My Study Life


We all love our planners, that’s for sure! But at times with finals season and everything you have to carry, the last thing you need is a heavy backpack. What better way to carry your planner with you then on your phone. My study life allows you to have your class schedule, upcoming events, homework and upcoming exams in an organized way and always accessible!

5) Microsoft Mobile


This app is a life saver when you have an upcoming paper or presentation due, but because of unpredicted things that make it impossible to get to a computer, it’s hard to finish those assignments on time (trust me it happens to everyone). But how can this app save you during finals season? Well, now you can carry your assignment with you wherever you go to work on during those long muni rides or breaks during work.

6) Mint


Remember how we mentioned earlier during the Cash App segment about those late night trips to get food? well as we all know they can get pricey. Well, mint is a good app to help you manage your money during this season. For those of you with math classes the last thing we want to calculate is your budget so why not make life easier and let your phone do it for you!

7) Coffitivity


This app goes out to all of us music lovers that can not live without music but sadly can not study with music. Well, Coffitivity is the app you should download during finals because it recreates the ambient sounds of a cafe to boost your creativity and help you work better so it’s basically like being at Starbucks but in the comfort of your house.

8) SF State Mobile


SF State Mobile is the easiest way to access your campus services and resources on the go! adding classes, checking your schedule, making payments to the school can sometimes get overwhelming, but now with the SF State Mobile app, it can all be done with the push of a button!

Good Luck on Final, Gators!

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