Education & Referral Organization for Sexuality

EROS is dedicated to promoting a healthy and respectful understanding of sexuality and gender through judgment-free peer education.

Inclusive of all identities, backgrounds, and types of sexuality, EROS provides contemporary sexuality education through events, workshops, social media, performances, books and DVDs, and a referral database. EROS connects the campus community by providing presentations and information to students, classes, and organizations. EROS connects the greater San Francisco community by referring students to off-campus resources and collaborating with off-campus organizations for events.

EROS introduces new students to their program with an annual open house, and inspires all students to pursue sexuality in their professional lives with the annual Career Fair. EROS acclimates students to the diverse and open culture that is present in San Francisco, as well as SFSU, improving retention rates and campus pride. EROS promotes consent, tolerance, diversity, and health with the goal of students feeling empowered about themselves and their sexuality.


Through the services we provide, we promote the health and wellness of students and offer the opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of self, sexuality, and health services in the Bay Area.

  1. Free safer sex materials and judgment-free peer education to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  2. A regularly updated lending library of academic, pornographic, fictional, and instructional books and DVDs.
  3. Hands on workshops and events that nurture curiosity and allow students to explore alternative types of sexuality and find pleasure in their sexual and romantic experiences in a judgment-free environment.
  4. A local on and off-campus referral database to help students access the many community resources around them.


EROS has collaborated with Health Promotion and Wellness to bring the SFSU community an project run entirely by students for students called Condom Caboose.

Condom Caboose is a mobile contraceptive cart that visits different areas of campus for two hours weekly offering free contraceptives and 3-minute modules on a variety of sexual health related topics. Condom Caboose is run by Eros and Health Promotion and Wellness interns. Students who are able to commit a minimum of four hours a week and are interested in becoming a part of Condom Caboose should consider applying for our internship program.

Although it is not required, having background knowledge on human sexuality would be extremely helpful for interning in the environment our program works in. Interns must attend weekly meetings, participate in bi-weekly tabling sessions on campus to promote program awareness, and aid in the preparation of campus events. If you are interested in volunteering with our program please send us an email.