Queer Trans & Resource Center



The Queer & Trans Resource Center is based on the philosophy that all students deserve their identities to be celebrated and honored by the San Francisco State University community.


Rooted in the ancestral legacy of queer activists and visionaries and San Francisco State University’s commitment to social justice and community engagement, the Queer & Trans Resource Center endeavors to offer LGBTQQIA-related events, services, and resources to students. The Queer & Trans Resource Center will also serve as an umbrella organization linking various student organizations such as Queer Alliance, Pride Committee, and CEASE/SAFE Place that work to create events and resources for the LGBTQQIA community on campus.

With the awareness that all forms of oppression are inherently interconnected, the Queer & Trans Resource Center will additionally focus on building alliances with ethnic, political, religious, and arts communities at San Francisco State University and beyond. The center is open to all students who wish to join in our efforts to promote awareness and understanding of LGBTQQIA-related identities, issues, and culture.



The Queer and Trans Resource Center (QTRC) is looking for enthusiastic, passionate students who are interested in issues affecting LGBTQIAP+ students at San Francisco State University. The Internship program is semester-long and focuses on LGBTQIAP+ events, services, programming, and resources. The internship is intended to help the LGBTQIAP+ community at SFSU grow and strengthen its leadership skills through the pursuit of social justice and activism.


For more information, email us at qtrc@asi.sfsu.edu



Queer Your Mind (QYM) is a public and free conference that utilizes ‘Queer’ as a tool of empowerment, uniting people from all backgrounds to critique and dismantle detrimental and dominant LGBTQ+ politics and realize the radical potential of the queer & trans community. The notion of ‘Queer’ employed by the conference includes, yet extends past, sexual orientation and gender in an effort to liberate LGBTQ+ communities and foster a collective queer consciousness.

QYM operationalizes the concept of queerness that respects and supports the complex intersections of one’s races, ethnicities, gender expressions, religions, socioeconomic statuses and backgrounds, nationalities, languages, abilities, and/or sexual orientations. This critical, intersectional space brings together ideas and activism in an effort to queer both mind and body to affect change in the hetero-homo normative structures currently in place.




To be Announced

Are you part of the LGBTQIAP+ community at SF State and have graduated or plan to graduate in Fall 2019, Spring 2020, or Summer 2020? Sign up to participate in the Associated Students’ Queer & Trans Resource Center’s Lavender Graduation Celebration! Sign up by April 10th. Participants will receive a free lavender tassel, which can be worn during the main commencement ceremony at Oracle Park. A participating certificate will also be provided, as well as lunch!


WHEN: MAY 9, 2020 FROM 10AM-2PM
Sign up for Lavender Graduation here


Free access to our lending library of LGBTQIAP-related films and books.

We also have LGBTQIAP-related textbook for a variety of SF State courses! Stop by the office to see the full selection.

Event Calendar coming soon.



Come by the office in Cesar Chavez Student Center, M-109 to learn more about the organization and volunqueer with us!

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