Richard Oakes Multicultural Center


The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center promotes a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious University.


The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center is a space for cultural events and discussions that focus on everything from inspirational leaders to commemorative months. The Center also provides a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious university that affirms the human and intellectual heritage of all people.The Center encourages and welcomes all members of the University and greater community to initiate or participate in its student focused and directed programs and activities.




In December 1998, the Student Center Governing Board approved the new multicultural center to be named after Native American activist, Richard Oakes, for his sacrifices in promoting higher education, social justice, and human rights through self-determination and intellectual activism. The Cesar Chavez Student Center and the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center gratefully acknowledges to Native peoples, along with the greater San Francisco State University campus, that it occupies a site historically belonging to the Muwekma Ohlone people.

Richard Oakes promoted the fundamental idea that Native peoples have a right to sovereignty, justice, respect and control over their own destinies. His legacy reflects the struggles of Native peoples and all people to maintain their land, identity and lifeways.

The Center is dedicated to the inclusion of all voices and experiences, and the promotion of activist models of organizations that unite people in the active pursuit of self-determination, identity, and knowledge of personal and human experiences.


Mission Statement


The Richard Oakes Multicultural Center provides an environment that promotes and enhances discourse to foster a multi-ethnic, culturally conscious University. While its programs are primarily student-focused and directed, all members of SFSU and the greater community are welcome and encouraged to participate in the programs and activities of the Center. Programs and activities of ROMC include but are not limited to:

  • Cultural performances, dance, music, theater, comedy, poetry, lectures.
  • Instructional Related Activities
  • Interdepartmental classes
  • Teaching by students
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Exhibits
  • Speakers’ forums
  • Conference and workshops activities
  • Art Exhibits

Location Richard Oakes Multicultural Center, resource library, and adjacent meeting rooms are situated respectively in rooms T-144, T-147, and T-143 on CCSC’s Terrace Level.




Here’s a collection of videos from some of our events.