Women’s Center

The Women’s Center functions as resource, referral, and educational program for the campus community and deal specifically with issues concerning the lives of women.


The Women’s Center is dedicated to providing an open, encouraging and nurturing environment for the students of San Francisco State University. The basis of the foundation is to provide a safe place for women of any and all backgrounds. The Women’s Center is open to everyone who would like to come together and participate in promoting the understanding of various perspectives and issues pertaining to women. Below are the programs and resources provided by the Women’s Center:

  1. Anyone wishing to find out more about women’s issues can come to our relaxing and welcoming environment where you can explore what we have to offer in our library and brochure stand that holds information to various communities and organizations around the bay area. We offer and are open to facilitating various support groups and conduct other activities to bring awareness and empowerment to the issues women face.
  2. Our library is refreshed with updated pieces of literature touching on several topics concerning the lives of women in every genre. We also accept donations of books that are in good condition and are relevant to the program.
  3. We have listings of women’s services available in San Francisco and the Bay Area: shelters, counseling, health centers, and political organizations.




Here’s a collection of videos from some of our events.